Running Pace & Distance Mapper

RunTweak is a training tool for runners. It can be used to plan training routes and analyze the effects changes in pace, time, or distance can have on your performance.


I made RunTweak while training for the TC Marathon. Being that it was my first marathon I was obsessed with what my time would be. RunTweak helped my plan my training runs and set goals for how fast I needed to run. When I finished a training run, I wanted to be able answer questions like "if ran a marathon at that pace, how long would it take?" or "what would be the pace if I ran it 10 minutes slower"

Training can be a hard thing to integrate with family. My strategy was to run early in the morning (I was training in the summer so it was also cooler). The night before a training run I would use the map to plan my route. I could then set a reasonable pace and see how long it was going to take me, that way I knew what time to be on the road so I could be home when everyone got up.

Pace Calculator

With a distance and time entered, the pace will automatically calculate. you can use any of the sliders to see how changes effect the other metrics.

For example, with a distance and time entered you'll see a pace. If you want to see how long it would take to run further you can slide the distance slider to the right and watch the time calculate. If you want to see how fast you'd have to be to finish in a certain amount of time, slide the time slider respectively.

Map Your Run

The map on the left allows you create a running route. Its great for training, traveling, or finding something new to do. To begin, use the search bar to find your location. Once you’ve zeroed in on where you’ll be running, select Start Routingand click your starting point on the map. Now you can click the next point and a path will be drawn between the two points that’s run friendly (not down the interstate.)

Note for mobile: due the way touch works, on mobile you’ll need to click Pause Routing if you want to adjust the map position before you place your next point.

As you map your run, you can undo the last point by selecting Undo and if you want to start over, just select Clear

If you want to just run back to the start you can select Back to Start and the map will route the fastest path back to the beginning.

As you add more points to the map you’ll notice the “Distance” value calculating which means at anytime you can play with the pace calculator.

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