RunTweak is a run planning and pace calculator application

RunTweak came from the simple fact that most of the pace calculators available on the web or over monetized and kinda lame

I developed RunTweak when I was training for my first marathon. I kept finding myself stressed each night trying to think of where I would run to get whatever milage I needed to do the next day. I wanted a way to quickly chart a route and see where I needed to extend or scale back to achieve my goal.

I also kept finding myself filled with questions after my long runs. If I want to run the marathon in 3h 30min how fast would I have had to run this last run? What if I finished 15min faster, what would my pace be?

RunTweak was my answer

There is also an unpublished iOS that was built using titanium. It doesn't include that mapping but its a nice quick calculator.